Who wants "Normal"

I have posted here before about the word “Normal” and its use to compare Special Needs kids to typically developing kids.  I still contend that each child has their own “Normal” and it isn’t up to anyone to compare one child’s “normal” to another.  I also hope that people, Drs […]

Lets take off our pants 1

Recently a friend and I started a movie review website, and this has allowed us to see new release movies about a week before they are released.  This week we got to see “Friends with Benefits” the new movie starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.  For a quick review – […]

Walmart – A response 4

I posted last night about a photo that was taken of poorly placed Special Olympics tshirts at Walmart.  Walmart visited our site and made the below comment: Hi Josh,Thank you for bringing this to our attention. My name is Dianna Gee and I work with Walmart Media Relations. The placement of […]

Over reaction or Innocent Mistake 8

I got on facebook this evening and saw a post by a fellow Special Needs Parent.  She was at her local Wal-Mart and snapped this photo. If you look closely you will see this is a photo of the off color humored tshirts at Wal-Mart.  Right in the middle is […]

Abilities Expo – Chicago 2011 1

About a month ago I read a review of the Abilities Expo that was held in New Jersey.  It peaked my interest because there were a number of providers there showing the latest in assistive technology as well as converted vans for wheelchairs, and the company that makes Kade’s wheelchair […]

Busy Busy

Got home last evening from a fun filled weekend in Chicago at the Abilities Expo.  I will share more info and pics on that later this week.  We have a lot of thing brewing right now.  Back to regularly scheduled programming later this week. PS I am going to a pre-screening of […]

The best ideas… 2

We got home and thought we had the perfect method to keep Kade from biting his fingers while in bed on his back.  Kade has arm splints that were using during PT and OT at times.  We thought we would be smart and put these on his arms to keep […]


Kade has his Strabismus surgery last Wednesday.  He was scheduled to be at the hospital at 1pm, and we were there with plenty of time to spare.  We were taken back to pre-op and had visits from nurses and Anesthesiology Drs. They wanted to make sure they got his anesthesia right since he has a […]

Good Karma accepted here

Kade is having strabismus surgery tomorrow at Childrens.  It is a quick surgery, and recovery should be rather simple.  They tell us he should be able to attend school on Thursday!  The downside is that his eyes will be “beyond bloodshot” because they will be making incisions on/in the eye to “tweak” […]