The Playground

Kade's Playground

Currently, the city of Herculaneum has no playgrounds and the nearest universally accessible playground is Unlimited Play’s Tree Top located in Clayton, approximately 45 miles away. Play is a critical part of physical, emotional, mental and social development for every child. Often underestimated, playgrounds promote free-play, foster self determination, spark imagination and get children active for longer periods of time. Additionally, playgrounds give parents and caregivers the opportunities to relax, spend quality time with their children, and connect with other parents. Unique Features of Herculaneum’s VERY FIRST Universally Accessible Unlimited Play Playground: Kade’s Playground

Located in Herculaneum, easily accessed by Interstate I-55

  • Unique Mt. Vesuvius Volcano themed area completely accessible to children of all abilities, fenced around to provide the utmost safety
  • Safe, spongy surfacing that ensure mobility for children/adults in wheelchairs and walkers and for those who experience difficulty on uneven surfacing
  • Ramping systems from the bottom to the very top of every play element, transfer stations, specialized seating, hand-holds, and climbing systems slanted to assist children climb and reach
  • Swings including adaptive swings(high backs) for children with low muscle tone, toddler swings and the all-time favorite Biggo Swings that enable multiple children to swing together.
  • Stainless steel slides and roller slides to enable children with Cochlear ear implants to enjoy the experience of sliding (plastic slides shorten out hearing devices.)
  • Sensory rich environment including real harmonic musical elements
  • Numerous interactive panels including custom designed activity panels to spark children’s imaginations and promote the rich Italian history
  • UV protective shade structures and a very popular spray, water play area to help everyone stay cool
  • Family friendly restrooms

Why bring a Volcano from Italy to Herculaneum, Missouri?

In 1808 founder Moses Austin began to lay out the town of Herculaneum, Missouri as a site for his lead shot towers. One of his first orders of business was what to name the town. A classical name was chosen, Herculaneum! Austin had opted for that name because the eroded limestone cliffs resembled seats in the amphi-theater of the ancient Roman town near Naples.