Celebrate your DNA

Tomorrow, April 15, 2011 is National DNA Day 2011.  Back in 1953 the Double Helix was discovered and genetic research was born.  Today research of the human genome is excelling and more is being discovered each day about our gene’s.  Each person has over 30,000 gene’s that make up your DNA.  Each person’s DNA is a combination of their mother, and father.  Some people have what are called genetic mutations that can cause issues, but some mutations are benign.

Annette and I are reluctant students of genetics.  By no means are we experts and understand all the in’s and out’s of the human gene, but we do understand that things can happen.  I have lost count how many genetic sequences Kade has had done, I think the number is eight – at least.   It is odd to say that I have LOST COUNT of how many genetic sequences Kade has had done.  Each sequence takes around 30 days to complete, and typically is not performed in a lab nearby, most of his sequences took place at Baylor.  At first the 30 days crept by, wondering if this sequence would lead to an answer or diagnosis.  Now, we know that finding and answer is like looking for a needle in a haystack, times 10.

Kade’s Neuro-geneticist, Dr. Paciorkowski, was great at explaining the test results in a manner that Annette and I could understand.  He would draw pictures and answer each one of our questions.  When he left for Seattle he was accepting the chance to work on ground breaking genetic research and mapping techniques.  He said that the technology he would get to use would allow him to map all 30,000 gene’s in month, the same time it currently takes to map ONE gene.  This would allow the lab to take kids like Kade and run their DNA, and compare the results to see if they shared a common marker.

The future for DNA research looks bright!