Flicking peas and holding breath

Every kid has their way of acting out, and ours are no exception to the rule, even Kade has his ways of acting out.  Most kids like to throw tantrums, throw things, have hissy fits, or hold their breath.  Kade likes to hold his breath, and Jackson, well it depends on his mood.

Way back when Kade first started receiving services from First Steps he would protest his therapy sessions by pretending to fall asleep.  He found out that this worked really well on one therapist so he kept it up and tried this method on the other therapists.  Kade’s PT is no sucker, she would make him work through is sleep and make him finish his sessions.  On several occasions he would sleep through the finish of a therapy session on to “wake up” as soon as the therapist exited and the door closed.  He would wake up and make it known that he got on over on them.  After he figured out the sleeping fits were doing no good, he started holding his breath.  He really likes this method because it gets A LOT of attention, and things come to a STOP when it happens.  He would scream and exhale so much breath his lips would turn blue and he would pass out.  As of late this expression of “I don’t want to” has stopped and he is complying with therapies.
At times Jackson can act out as well.  Most of the time he says something or does something and immediately knows that it was a bad idea.  On rare occasion he has hit kids, or done other silly things.  He had a rough day at school yesterday and when I got home he had to tell me what had happened.  When Annette told him to explain to me what he did, he freaked out and started crying.  He looked me in the eye and said “Dad you are really gonna be upset, I did something really bad”.  I was expecting something like “I hit another kid” or “I kicked a teacher” but what he told me caught me off guard.  Whimpering he said “I flicked a pea at someone”, really he was crying about telling me that he flicked a pea. 
 I hope when Jackson is in high school and has to tell me that he got in trouble for cheating on a test, or some other stupid thing high school kids do he will still have that feeling of shame, remorse, and guilt.  Kade on the other hand, I think, will still think it is funny and cool to get out of therapy by holding his breath of fake falling asleep.