Kade has received a good number of “things” from philanthropic events.  One of the most memorable “things” that he got were the toys and visit from Santa while inpatient during Christmas of 2009.  Out of the blue, without our asking Santa came to Kades room and dropped off a bag of toys and books.  Honestly, it made Annette and I feel better more than Kade I think.  To know that Santa flew from the North Pole a few days early to provide toys that someone donated gave us warm fuzzy feelings.

Last year we held a toy drive, to make sure that Santa could repeat what he did for Kade (and Annette and I).  We solicated donations from Facebook friends, co-workers, and complete strangers.  We ended up with over 8 50 gallon trashbags FULL of toys (click here for post).  We were thrilled to be able to give back.  I have aspirations to give back to other organizations too, but you gotta start small right?

A few months ago I found another philanthropic event taking place.  Marissa’s dad at was asking special needs families to fill out requests for iPads.  He had arranged for a mysterious donor to give 20 special needs families iPads and $500 iTunes gift cards.  Then the number went to 35 iPads, and the final number was 40 iPads, GIVEN to special needs families.  Now, Marissa is getting ready to have neurosurgery to hopefully assist with seizure control.  Amazingly the mysterious donor is setting up a “after care” account for Marissa and another little boy that is having the same neurosurgery done.  We are talking THOUSANDS of dollars in after care.

Here is where you can help.  Yet another mysterious donor has donated a iPad2 32gig to be raffled off to raise more money for Marissa and the other little boy, the raffle tickets are only $2/ea.  You can read more and purchase a raffle ticket here.

BTW – we will be repeating the Kade’s Krewe Toy Drive this fall/winter.  We want to donate even more this year!