The best ideas… 2

We got home and thought we had the perfect method to keep Kade from biting his fingers while in bed on his back.  Kade has arm splints that were using during PT and OT at times.  We thought we would be smart and put these on his arms to keep him from putting his fingers in his mouth.  In theory it would work great, he couldn’t bend his arms, so no fingers in mouth.

Thursday morning rolled around and Kade was awake and smiling.  Annette got him out of bed and he started screaming.  We figured he just needed some Tylenol, he eyes must have been hurting.  Once the Tylenol kicked in he ate pretty well, so we just made sure he had some Tylenol or ibuprofen in him during the day.

Friday morning, same story, he woke up happy, but as soon as we moved him, screaming and breath holding.  Annette started to worry because the Drs kept telling us that his eyes should only hurt for a day and then he should be back to his normal self.  We kept up with Tylenol and ibuprofen.

Saturday morning, same story.  Happy, then pissed off.  We started wondering what is different, what could be causing the screaming.  I had a thought, “could it be the splints”.  I thought to myself that if my arms are immobilized for a period of time, then I go to move them it hurts.  So, at nap time, we did not put the splints on, we used cloth diapers to cover his hands.

After nap he woke happy, and NO SCREAMING after we moved him.  Yeah we felt like crappy parents!  We had the best intentions, I swear.

2 thoughts on “The best ideas…

  • happy's mommy

    Actually…I’m here thinking how awesome it is that you guessed so quickly! I suck at the guessing games. 🙂

    You’ve probably already tried this…and for the record sometimes I totally haaaaate advice…


    Would he tolerate mittens?


    I would love if you could figure out a way to get a PDF file or something for that “wondering what to say to a child with a disablity” poster. I LOVE it. And would love to add it to my side bar!


  • Kristina

    I hate when stuff like this happens. Don’t be too hard on yourself, though, because you figured out the reason for the issue pretty quickly!

    Glad he is doing well!

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