Walmart – A response 4

I posted last night about a photo that was taken of poorly placed Special Olympics tshirts at Walmart.  Walmart visited our site and made the below comment:

Hi Josh,
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. My name is Dianna Gee and I work with Walmart Media Relations. 

The placement of the Special Olympics t-shirts was not intended to offend anyone, but we understand how this might have been perceived as insensitive. That’s why we are working with our store managers to move the t-shirts to another area.

As you mentioned in your post, Walmart is committed to supporting the Special Olympics. In fact, the t-shirt is officially licensed by the Special Olympics and a portion of each sale goes directly to the Special Olympics. 

Thank you, 

Thank you, Walmart for taking action.  I think it is awesome that Walmart is such a huge sponsor of Special Olympics and that proceeds from the sales of the shirts go directly to Special Olympics.

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