A published author

I guess you could say I am a publish author now.  A month ago I was asked to write an article for Complex Child eMagazine about our perspective on Epilepsy.  To visit the site click here Complex Child eMagazine.  Below is a snip-it of my article, to read the reset click the link below.

July 9, 2008 started as any typical day in our house.  I went to work and my wife Annette was going to take Jackson, then three, to see a movie.  My mom came over to babysit Kade, then five months old.  My desk phone at work rang, it was my home phone number.  I answered the phone to hear my mom telling me something I did not expect to hear: “I think Kade just had a seizure.”

At that moment Epilepsy entered our life and began changing our perspectives.  We spent nearly an entire month on the 12th floor of St. Louis Children’s Hospital trying to control his seizures.  We were thrust into a world of tests, wires, drugs, and questions that did not have answers.  Click here for the rest of the article.