Endings and Beginnings 1

Tonight we marked an ending in Kade’s journey.  Tonight, Kade had his last visit from Shelly, his PT.  Shelly was the very first service we added when we got started with First Steps.  She was the first person to mention Kade’s flat spot, that required a corrective helmet.  She was also the person that introduced us to “kid wheelchairs” and the world of standers.  She tried to ease us into the world of corrective and assistive equipment and told Annette, “Take Kade for a walk in the stander”.  Shelly,as with all of Kade’s therapists, became part of our family, and we became part of hers.  We got to know spouses and kids of our therapists, heard about vacations, and celebrated birthdays.  Most of them were in our home more than once a week.  Between Shelly, Krista and Pam, and a few others, we had the best group of ladies lead us in decisions that are shaping Kade’s life.

Next week Kade has a new beginning his his journey, he starts pre-school.  He will meet a new group of therapists to help him.  We will REALLY miss his First Steps therapists, but we know this is part of life, things have to change for you to grow.  It is poetic that Shelly, the first therapist on the scene, was the last on the scene.

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