A family Vacation 2

This spent this weekend in Branson, MO with family.  We went with my parents, my aunt and uncle from Michigan, and some family friends from Lake of the Ozarks.  We stayed in some condos out by Silver Dollar City that are AWESOME!
We started the weekend by seeing the Dixie Stampede show on Friday night.  Everyone enjoyed themselves including a VERY tired Jackson.  Saturday the girls went shopping and I played tour guide and took the guys around to see Tablerock Damn and a few other sites.  Saturday afternoon we went out to Silver Dollar City and walked around, ate A LOT of food, and rode some rides.  Pawpaw, Uncle Mike and “the other” Mike rode a few roller coasters together including one that blasted off faster than any other roller coaster I have seen.  Everyone was having a great time.
Since we were there with the boys we knew we had to make a stop to see Santa and let the boys fill Santa in on what they wanted for Christmas.  We walked in and were greeted by Santa’s helper elf, Clarence.  He told us the line seemed long but would only take us about 20 minutes to see the Big Guy.  Annette and I started scoping out the area to see how we were going to handle Santa’s meeting with Kade.  We really wanted Kade to stay in his wheelchair, he can be a bit hard to handle for people who are not expecting Kade’s poor muscle tone.  One problem, there wasn’t a ramp to Santa’s chair, only stairs.  Annette went to find “Clarence” to see if he could help.  She came back a few minutes later and said he would arrange for Santa to come to Kade since Kade couldn’t go to Santa.  Clarence came by several times to check on the boys, calling they by name without asking their names (Annette told him earlier), which really surprised Jackson.  Clarence did a great job addressing our concerns.  We still were not sure how Kade would do with Santa and vice versa.
What happened next blew me away.  We got to the front of the line and Clarence arrived by our side and told us to step over to this other area with a lone chair and some Christmas trees and other decor.  He said Santa would come to this location to meet with the boys.  Sure enough the line stopped, Santa got up, and came down the stairs to meet with the boys.  First Jackson hoped up and got on Santa’s lap and talked his ear off.  Then Santa leaned over and started talking to Kade.  You could see that Santa soon realized Kade needed some special attention.  He put his arm around Kade’s chair, got down by his face and was really talking to him.  He was touching Kade’s hand and rubbing his legs.  Santa and the boys had some pics taken.  Kade reached out to try to touch Santa’s hand during the pictures!  Santa quickly reached down and grabbed his hands and held them for the remainder of their visit.  Santa said his good byes to the boys and made his way back up to the stage.  I was AMAZED!  Barely holding myself together, I told Clarence Thank You and asked him to tell Santa Thank You.
Our next stop was the train ride to sing songs.  Again we were worried how this would end up with Kade.  Again I was totally amazed by the Silver Dollar City staff.  They directed us to their handicap entrance and told us that Kade’s wheelchair could go on the train.  We were the first ones on the train and they were able secure Kade’s chair down so he would have a safe ride.
We had a great weekend with great people.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi: I am the grandma who invented the CARES child aviation restraint that Kade used on your trip.We learned quickly that CARES had unique value for special needs kids including one of my grandchildren.We have many photos of “Kids in CARES” on our website:www.kidsflysafe.com
    including several special needs children. May we post the photo of Kade? The FAA permits special needs kids to use CARES well over the regular height and weight limits – for which we are grateful.We are pleased that CARES served you well.
    Louise Stoll, Managing director of Kids Fly Safe, LLC

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