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Just over a month ago I was contacted by a Susan Stephens, a representative of FamilyNetworkTV.  She found me via facebook, read this blog, and thought I fit the bill of something she was looking for.  Her company hosts TV and Radio shows for families with children with special needs, but they were missing a show about dads.  She thought that I would be a good host for a dads show that she was wanting to start.  We talked for about an hour and we decided to move forward and try to find some other dads that would be interested about talking about “the issues”.

Last week, via google+ hangouts, we all met for the first time.  Within the first few minutes of speaking with the dads, I knew we had something.  All these dads “got it”, and were VERY excited to share their stories in an effort to help other dads that were struggling with the same issues.  My co-host is Rob Gorski, from lostandtired.com.  He is a dad to three boys, all on the autism spectrum.  Although his boys have different diagnosis than Kade, we shared a number of the same stories and feelings.

So, starting Sept 15th at 7pm central time go here and listen, and of you feel the need to say hi, feel free to call in.

BTW if you have not tried google+ you are missing out.

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  • Julie

    Congratulations! Sounds like a great opportunity that will be helpful for many people. I agree that male parenting voices need to be heard more often, keep up the good work!

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