Walmart – All talk no action?

Almost two months ago I posted a photo a friend of mine sent me a photo from a Walmart in Nixa, MO.  She was upset that they had placed Special Olympics tshirts in the off color humor shirt section.  I explained in my post that it was disrespectful to Special Olympics that Walmart placed their shirts in that section.  After that post I actually got a comment on this website from the Senior Manager of Walmart Media Relations, Dianna Gee stating that Walmart understood how the placement was disrespectful and Walmart was going to instruct their stores to find a better place for those shirts.  She went on to explain that Walmart is a big supporter of Special Olympics and the proceeds of those shirts go directly to Walmart.  I was very happy that Walmart responded, took note, and was going to take action.

However this morning I got a call from Annette, and she said she was at Walmart in Festus, MO and the Special Olympics shirts were back in the off color humor section.  I asked her to send me a photo and she sent me this….

What says “We support Special Olympics” more than placing their shirts next to “Your face…..3 millions dislikes”, or “For a minute there you bored me to death”, or The Grim Reaper, oh I know, Bob Marley says “I support Special Olympics and I wanna jam it wid you”.
I guess I should have asked WHEN Walmart was going to communicate with their store managers to move the shirts.
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