Yearly Archives: 2010

All I want for Christmas

Who said Holiday breaks were meant to rest?  We have been really busy over Christmas break. Christmas time is so much fun.  Last year Kade was in the hospital for Christmas so we were set to have a better Christmas this year.  Both boys were healthy, and Jackson was excited […]


Most people in life search for acceptance.  For most, it can be a difficult thing to gain acceptance from complete strangers let alone family.  Parents love their children unconditionally, but the same is not true for extended family.  Sometimes extended family can be the most harsh, pointing out your weaknesses […]

Free Laptop

A few weeks ago a co-worker and I applied for Google’s CR-48 laptop.  They were holding an open application for the chance to receive 1 of 60,000 CR-48 laptops they were going to GIVE away.  Not only were they free, but they come with two years of FREE 3G data […]

Toys Toys Toys

Several weeks ago I entered a post asking for donations of toys to give to Children’s Hospital for kids that will be spending Christmas in the Hospital.  We are doing this because Kade was in that position last year at Christmas and got toys from an unknown Santa.  We felt […]

Giving Back

Last year during the week of Christmas Kade was very sick.  His white blood cell count was extremely high and had been fighting a chest infection for some time.  His regular Pediatrician got the test results as an out patient test and called up to Children’s to speak with the […]

A family Vacation 2

This spent this weekend in Branson, MO with family.  We went with my parents, my aunt and uncle from Michigan, and some family friends from Lake of the Ozarks.  We stayed in some condos out by Silver Dollar City that are AWESOME! We started the weekend by seeing the Dixie […]

Oh My Goodness

Kade is doing sooooo well!!  His vision therapist came tonight.  Kade smiled for the sound of the bell, chose the bell over the spider, and colored by himself.  He even waved bye when Jo asked him to!  He is doing so good.   I am so proud of him!!!  I […]

Friends 1

Have you ever met someone, that at that instant, you knew you were supposed to meet?  There is just something about them that links you to them.  It might be that you went to the same school, have the same political affiliations, or like the same football team.  But what […]

An Interesting Read 1

Today I came across an article on that was written about a mother of an autistic child.  The title of the article is “Autism Journal: There is nothing wrong with my son”.  I found the title interesting so I took the time to read it.  There are a few […]