Parenting Special Needs

Making Friends 1

Making friends in school can be a difficult task.  I never really had a hard time making new friends, I can be an outgoing person, and seem to connect with people easily. One my many fears, is that Kade will have a difficult time making friends since he is non-verbal […]

Link Love on a Friday

A week ago I got an email from Ellen from, she wanted me to write about how I rocked as a dad, and she wanted to use it on her site in a post about Dads of special needs kids.  I really don’t like to write about myself in […]

Saying Goodbye 1

We knew this day would come, Kade went to school.  Annette, Jackson and I watched as Kade, in his wheelchair, got on the ramp for the bus and got loaded into the bus.  He will be going half days, 4 days a week until late June for his summer session. […]

The R word 1

Retarded We all are guilty for using it. Most say it without thinking of the meaning of the word.  I admit I have said it in the past.  Since having a child with special needs, this word is like fingernails on a chalk board.  The R word is widely used […]

Flicking peas and holding breath

Every kid has their way of acting out, and ours are no exception to the rule, even Kade has his ways of acting out.  Most kids like to throw tantrums, throw things, have hissy fits, or hold their breath.  Kade likes to hold his breath, and Jackson, well it depends […]

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who read this blog.  Mothers have one of the most difficult jobs in the world besides being a dad. Without mom’s us dad’s would be feeding our kids pizza and kool-aid for dinner each night.  They kids would be wearing the same closes […]

What can YOU do? 1

I have posted before out not know what to say to people they ask “what is wrong” with Kade.  I have also lamented about the “pitty looks” that we get from people when we are out ‘n about with Kade in his wheelchair.I stumbeled across a blog today written by […]

All you can do is Laugh 1

Last night, after the tornadic storms had passed, Annette and I watched the season finale of Parenthood on NBC.  I have written about this show a couple of times here, about how they address issues of parenting a special needs child.  While watching the episode last night, I could not […]