Parenting Special Needs

Leaving Holland 5

Written as a continuation of “Welcome to Holland” by Emily Perl Kingsley.  My point of view as a parent mourning the loss of a child with special needs.  This won’t make sense you have not read the above “Welcome to Holland” So, you were expecting a trip to Italy and got […]

A new Endeavor 1

Just over a month ago I was contacted by a Susan Stephens, a representative of FamilyNetworkTV.  She found me via facebook, read this blog, and thought I fit the bill of something she was looking for.  Her company hosts TV and Radio shows for families with children with special needs, […]

Endings and Beginnings 1

Tonight we marked an ending in Kade’s journey.  Tonight, Kade had his last visit from Shelly, his PT.  Shelly was the very first service we added when we got started with First Steps.  She was the first person to mention Kade’s flat spot, that required a corrective helmet.  She was […]

Who wants "Normal"

I have posted here before about the word “Normal” and its use to compare Special Needs kids to typically developing kids.  I still contend that each child has their own “Normal” and it isn’t up to anyone to compare one child’s “normal” to another.  I also hope that people, Drs […]

Lets take off our pants 1

Recently a friend and I started a movie review website, and this has allowed us to see new release movies about a week before they are released.  This week we got to see “Friends with Benefits” the new movie starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.  For a quick review – […]

Walmart – A response 4

I posted last night about a photo that was taken of poorly placed Special Olympics tshirts at Walmart.  Walmart visited our site and made the below comment: Hi Josh,Thank you for bringing this to our attention. My name is Dianna Gee and I work with Walmart Media Relations. The placement of […]