Kade’s Story

Toys Delivered

Sorry, this is late but…… The toys were delivered.  Below is a photo of us delivering the toys at St. Louis Childrens Hospital in early December.  We were AMAZED at the amount of toys we collected.  Toys came from as far away as Ohio, and even Kade’s school got involved […]

Leaving Holland 5

Written as a continuation of “Welcome to Holland” by Emily Perl Kingsley.  My point of view as a parent mourning the loss of a child with special needs.  This won’t make sense you have not read the above “Welcome to Holland” So, you were expecting a trip to Italy and got […]

Wings not Wheels 15

It is with a heavy heart that I write this. God called Kade home last night. Kade passed away peacefully in his sleep. We can only assume it was due to a seizure. Arrangements are as follows : Visitation Sunday Oct 16 4pm Church of Our Lady, Festus MO Funeral […]

What Changed?

We have noticed with Kade’s conditions that his symptoms change about every 3 months or so.  When his symptoms change we typically see a change in what he is doing and interacting with as well.  When we see changes we notice it first with what his seizures look like or […]

Celebrate your DNA

Tomorrow, April 15, 2011 is National DNA Day 2011.  Back in 1953 the Double Helix was discovered and genetic research was born.  Today research of the human genome is excelling and more is being discovered each day about our gene’s.  Each person has over 30,000 gene’s that make up your […]

Kade’s first day of school 1

Monday was Kade’s first day of school.  He attended for a few short hours and by all reports really enjoyed himself.  He was greeted by a number of the special education staff as well as the school nurse.  It sounds like they all wanted to take part in his first […]

A boy and his horse

The day after we got back from Kade’s wish trip we added another appointment to our otherwise vacant hectic schedule.  With the assitance of a friend of ours Kade was accepted to a facility that uses horses to assist kids with special needs.  Typically activities like this are classified as […]