Saying Goodbye 1

We knew this day would come, Kade went to school.  Annette, Jackson and I watched as Kade, in his wheelchair, got on the ramp for the bus and got loaded into the bus.  He will be going half days, 4 days a week until late June for his summer session. […]

Kade’s first day of school 1

Monday was Kade’s first day of school.  He attended for a few short hours and by all reports really enjoyed himself.  He was greeted by a number of the special education staff as well as the school nurse.  It sounds like they all wanted to take part in his first […]

School, here we come

It is odd to think that Kade will technically be starting school before Jackson.  We had Kade’s IEP before we left on the Wish trip and they will be allowing him to goto school for a few hours a week starting this month.  He will be included in the social […]