Toys Delivered

Sorry, this is late but…… The toys were delivered.  Below is a photo of us delivering the toys at St. Louis Childrens Hospital in early December.  We were AMAZED at the amount of toys we collected.  Toys came from as far away as Ohio, and even Kade’s school got involved and collect a huge amount […]

Toys Part II

Last year about this time we held the first annual toy drive for St. Louis Childrens Hospital.  We started the toy drive last year to “repay” Childrens for the toys that Kade received during a stay over Christmas two years ago.  Last year we collected over 8 50 gallon bags full of toys.  Go here to […]

Leaving Holland

Written as a continuation of “Welcome to Holland” by Emily Perl Kingsley.  My point of view as a parent mourning the loss of a child with special needs.  This won’t make sense you have not read the above “Welcome to Holland” So, you were expecting a trip to Italy and got re-routed to Holland.  It seemed […]

Kade’s Eulogy

Dear family and friends,When God gives you a child, you have no idea what the future holds, and you immediately start making plans and aspirations for your baby.  You can make all the plans you want, but God has his plan too, and no matter how bumpy or smooth the path, it is the Perfect […]

Wings not Wheels

It is with a heavy heart that I write this. God called Kade home last night. Kade passed away peacefully in his sleep. We can only assume it was due to a seizure. Arrangements are as follows : Visitation Sunday Oct 16 4pm Church of Our Lady, Festus MO Funeral Mass Monday Oct 17 9:30am […]

Radio show Update

So we have had two radio show, and surprisingly the went really well.  Below are the audio players for each of the shows we have had so far.  If you want to listen live, or even call in, our show next show will be Oct 6th at 7pm CST at Listen to internet radio […]

Walmart – All talk no action?

Almost two months ago I posted a photo a friend of mine sent me a photo from a Walmart in Nixa, MO.  She was upset that they had placed Special Olympics tshirts in the off color humor shirt section.  I explained in my post that it was disrespectful to Special Olympics that Walmart placed their […]

A new Endeavor

Just over a month ago I was contacted by a Susan Stephens, a representative of FamilyNetworkTV.  She found me via facebook, read this blog, and thought I fit the bill of something she was looking for.  Her company hosts TV and Radio shows for families with children with special needs, but they were missing a […]

Endings and Beginnings

Tonight we marked an ending in Kade’s journey.  Tonight, Kade had his last visit from Shelly, his PT.  Shelly was the very first service we added when we got started with First Steps.  She was the first person to mention Kade’s flat spot, that required a corrective helmet.  She was also the person that introduced […]

A published author

I guess you could say I am a publish author now.  A month ago I was asked to write an article for Complex Child eMagazine about our perspective on Epilepsy.  To visit the site click here Complex Child eMagazine.  Below is a snip-it of my article, to read the reset click the link below. July 9, 2008 started as […]